By Johnny Lin
August 1998

This directory contains the manual for v2.0 of the QTCM. The documentation comes in the following forms/files:

qtcm_man.tex   The master file for the manual.  This is the parent LaTeX
               file.  The following files are the child LaTeX files called
               by this parent:

     qtcm_basic.tex      Chapter on basic operation of the model
     qtcm_code.tex       Chapter on the code of the model
     qtcm_physics.tex    Chapter on the model physics
     qtcm_preface.tex    Preface to the manual
     qtcm_appendix.tex   Appendix(ces) to the manual
     qtcm_refs.tex       References to the manual

     The comments in file qtcm_man.tex describe how to create the .dvi file
     from the manual's LaTeX source files.    The Postscript version of the QTCM manual.  Ready for
               printing on a Postscript printer.

qtcm_man       This directory contains the HTML version of the QTCM manual.
               The starting page is called qtcm_man.html.  The main difference
               between this version and the LaTeX version is that the page
               numbering is different.  However, there are also some cases
               where the LaTeX version content did not translate over into
               HTML.  In case of any discrepancies, the LaTeX version is the

addenda.txt    ASCII file that contains brief comments that should have been
               included in the manual, but were not.  They will be added
               to a future version of the manual.