Addenda to QTCM v2.1 Manual
By Hui Su
September 1999

In Manual Chapter 1,

  • p.11, `NB' after `mrestart' is not true. Restart file is perfect in version 2.1.
  • p.12, before section 1.3.2, add NB: Users are advised to carefully choose parameters such as day0, lastday, ntout and noout so that output mean values are averaged over desired period. It is optimal to start from day0 = 1 and end a run after averaging cycles are finished. For example, a 30-day monthly average (ntout=30) is normally from date 1 to date 30 of a month. If starting from a date other than the first of a month, you can choose noout to discard results for the remaining fraction of the first month. The second month would be averaged correctly.