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Other Scripts and Files


Compiling and linking options for the model are controlled by makefiles found in the src directory. Three makefiles come with the QTCM1 distribution:

Makefile used by the model execution shell scripts to compile and link the model code. The model package is shipped with this file being a copy of makefile.clrad0.
Makefile for compiling, linking, and running QTCM1 with the ``standard'' radiation package clrad0.f.
Makefile for compiling, linking, and running QTCM1 with Chia Chou's radiation package clrad1.f.

Thus, to use the clrad1.f radiation package instead of the clrad0.f package, just copy makefile.clrad1 to makefile, overwriting the old version, and run the model using the execution shell scripts. See Section 1.3.1 for more information about how the model is run.

Johnny Wei-Bing Lin
Wed Aug 26 16:58:31 PDT 1998