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Model Output


See Section 1.4.2 for a basic description of how QTCM1 determines the values to output. As described in that section, mean values for output are calculated by the subroutine sump. This subroutine call for most variables is made shortly after the variable is calculated; this is true for the major variables (e.g. tex2html_wrap_inline1844 , tex2html_wrap_inline2020 , tex2html_wrap_inline1990 ). For a few variables (e.g. STYPE), sump is called in subroutine varmean, which is described in output.f. Thus, before outputting mean values of any variable beyond the standard list given in Table 1.1, you should check both output.f and qtcm.f (and any other pertinent files) to make sure that sump has been called (and called only once) for the variable you wish to output. This is particularly important because for some of the variables (e.g. dfsu1), sump has been left out or commented out in the standard release versions of both qtcm.f and output.f.

Johnny Wei-Bing Lin
Wed Aug 26 16:58:31 PDT 1998