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Variable and Parameter Keys


The following tables provide a key relating variables and constants in the code with their counterparts in the QTCM1 papers by Neelin and Zeng [1] and Zeng et al. [2]. A list of selected definitions of some of the variables given in the QTCM1 papers follows the tables.

Note though that some of the variables given in the tables below are commented out in the released version of the code. The abbreviation ``non-dim'' means non-dimensional. Table I in Neelin and Zeng [1] give the values for selected parameters and coefficients. Table 3 in Zeng et al. [2] gives values for selected land parameterization coefficients.

Also, in the main QTCM1 papers [1, 2], tex2html_wrap_inline2050 is given in units of tex2html_wrap_inline2052 , while in the model, T1 is in units of K. Thus, in this manual, everywhere you see tex2html_wrap_inline2050 , you should assume that it includes a factor of tex2html_wrap_inline2056 . Thus, tex2html_wrap_inline2058 . Similarly, for humidity terms, a factor of L is subsumed into moisture. Thus, as a summary: tex2html_wrap_inline2062 , tex2html_wrap_inline2064 , tex2html_wrap_inline2066 , tex2html_wrap_inline2068 , tex2html_wrap_inline2070 , and tex2html_wrap_inline2072 .

Johnny Wei-Bing Lin
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