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Moist Static Energy Equation and the Gross Moist Stability

The moist static energy equation is


where the gross moist stability


acts as an effect stability for the system in moist regions. Note that tex2html_wrap_inline2484 , the vertical velocity profile corresponding to the velocity profile tex2html_wrap_inline2448 , is given by (7).

We have specified nothing about the convective closure on moisture so far, only aspects of the closure on temperature. In convective regions, all that is needed from the convective closure for (10) is the vertical mean moisture and surface moisture (related to tex2html_wrap_inline2050 and the large scale circulation). Thus the essence of the model does not place any demands on the particulars of the convective closure on moisture, nor on the numerical treatment of moisture.

Johnny Wei-Bing Lin
Wed Aug 26 16:58:31 PDT 1998