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Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Files


These files are taken from Reynolds's [25] blended SST data files from 1982 to 1994. Each month's data is in an individual file. These files also following the format convention described in Section 1.4.1.

The SST datasets are found in the directory whose path and name are given by the execution shell script variable SSTdir. In this release, the default location of these files is SST_Reynolds_oi.

Climatological SST have filenames of the form:

Real-time SST have filenames of the form:
In both cases, ``mm'' is month (e.g. 02, 10), ``dd'' is day, and ``yyyy'' is year (e.g. 0000, 1991). For all SST files, we assume the month's data is centered on the 15th, so ``dd'' equals ``15''. For the real-time SST, the data ranges from November 1981 to March 1998.

Johnny Wei-Bing Lin
Wed Aug 26 16:58:31 PDT 1998