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Model Physics Parameters Files


The file (in src and work) contains the value of various physical parameters used by the model. See Section 3.1 for more information. These should not be changed by the average user. If you wish to modify these parameters, please contact the QTCM1 development team for information on the source code used to calculate their values.

Below is a brief description of some of the categories of variables described in

  1. Variables a1hat, a1s, V1s, b1hat, and b1s help describe the temperature and humidity profiles.
  2. Variables GMsr, GMsp, GMqr, GMqp, GMs0r, and GMq0r help describe the gross moist stability.
  3. eps_c is used in our version of the Betts-Miller [15, 16, 17] convective parameterization.
  4. CV0 is related to the neutral drag coefficient. See subroutine sflux in qtcm.f for more details.
  5. Variables eps_0, eps_10, eps_01, and eps_1 are related to momentum damping.
  6. Tsref is the reference surface temperature.
  7. Cpg converts heat flux into column heating rate.
  8. Trefs is the surface value of the reference atmospheric temperature.
  9. qrefs is the surface value of the reference atmospheric humidity.
Figure 1.1 gives a reproduction of the file. Chapter 3 gives a fuller discussion of the physics behind the variables in this file. Section 2.4.2 relates model variables with the variables given in the QTCM1 main papers [1, 2].

Figure 1.1: File

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