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Model Physics


The main references for the model formulation are papers by Neelin and Zeng [1] and Zeng, et al. [2]. A summary of the project leading up to the initial QTCM1 formulation may be found in Neelin [7], while the basis for the analytical approximations for dynamics are found in Neelin and Yu [8] and Yu and Neelin [12]. Documentation of the radiation and cloud packages may be found in Chou and Neelin [5] and Chou [3].

A summary of the model formulation is provided as Appendix A. This summary appeared as a conference preprint to the 1997 American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting [9].

This chapter describes some of the parameterizations used to describe atmospheric physics, as a well as a discussion of the justifications used in calculating key parameters used in QTCM1.

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