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Calculation of the Parameters in


A summary of the variables in this file is given in Section 1.4.1. The parameters in are generated by a Fortran 77 program, par.f. One can compile par.f using a command f77 -o par par.f, and then run par. It produces the file, The input reference profile for par.f is Tqo3.ref which includes SST (K), air temperature (K), water vapor mixing ratio (kg/kg), and ozone mixing ratio (kg/kg) in 1 hPa interval from 1000 hPa to 1 hPa. Note: The par.f program is not included in the current QTCM1 (v2.0) package; interested users should contact the development team directly.

For calculating a1, 950 hPa cloud base and 200 hPa cloud top are used. Below the cloud base, the atmosphere is dry adiabatic; above the cloud base, the atmosphere is moist adiabatic. A relative humidity of 0.8 is used to calculate b1. Tqo3.ref is used to calculate reference values of the gross moist stability and the gross moisture stratification. However, the model is sensitive to, so reasonable values are assigned to the gross moist stability (3.5) and the gross moisture stratification (3.0), and cloud top is set at 200 hPa at this moment.

Johnny Wei-Bing Lin
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