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What's Included In the Model

The tar package for this release of the QTCM1 model contains the following sub-directories:

Directory of boundary data files, such as sea surface temperature (SST), albedo, etc. See Section 1.4.1 for more information.
The LaTeX files for this manual, as well as an HTML version and a Postscript version. See the README file in this directory, as well as the comments in qtcm_man.tex, for more information.
CPU time profiles, etc.
Contains pre-written scripts, programs, and control files that can be used to display the output from the model. We recommend specifying this directory as the recipient of QTCM1 model output (see Section 1.3.1).
Originals of C shell scripts used to run the model. Also in directory work.
Contains all the source code for the model.
This directory provides a workspace in which to execute the model. Section 1.3.1 has a more detailed description of this directory.

Because the model is meant to be reasonably straightforward to diagnose, the complete model consists of comparatively few files. Below is a listing and short description of the source code/parameter files that make up the model; they are found in directory src:
Source code for subroutine driver which couples the atmospheric model and the SST boundary condition which drives it.
Source code for routines in the QTCM1 atmospheric model. These subroutines are called and controlled by subroutine qtcm.
A pseudo-modular ocean: returns interpolated SST.
The land-surface model Simple-Land (SLand1); and a simple implementation of the bucket model (not used).
A generic routine for reading in monthly climatological fields. This is used to read observed surface albedo in the standard version.
Source code for the ``standard'' radiation parameterization package. In this package, the solar component is diurnally averaged.
Source code for radiation parameterization package by Chia Chou [5]. In this package, the solar component is diurnally averaged.
Source code for radiation parameterization package by Chia Chou [5], with the diurnal cycle resolved.
Source code for routines that control output for QTCM1.
Direct Poisson solver, courtesy of Alistair Adcroft.
Source code for routine that accumulates coupling variables (fluxes) from the qtcm model over time for ocean coupling.
Header file for subroutine qtcm and dependent subroutines.
Header file related to the horizontal (i.e. x-y) grid resolution.
Declarations for ocean.f.
Header file for variables related to keeping time in the model.
Header file for the variables found in clrad1.f and clrad1d.f.
Declarations for output.f; mainly for subroutine varmean.
This file contains the values of various parameters and coefficients used by QTCM1 (e.g. tex2html_wrap_inline1808 , tex2html_wrap_inline1810 ). The working copy of this file is found in work; this copy exists as a backup in case the working copy is accidentally deleted. Sections 1.4.1 and 2.4.2 and chapter 3 have more information.

All source code is written in FORTRAN 77. Most of the header files function to declare variables and common blocks. The directory src also contains various makefiles that are used to control how the code is compiled and linked. See Section 1.4.3 for more information about the makefiles.

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